Insulation That’s Healthy For You, Your Home And The Planet

2nd Aug 2023

Insulation That’s Healthy For You, 

Your Home And The Planet

June 22, 2021 by Renz Andrew


According to recent research, 73% of worldwide consumers have pondered modifying their purchase habits in order to lessen their environmental effect. Those same customers work, live, and play in the structures surrounding us. As a result, it's no wonder that natural building materials are growing more popular.

Natural and sustainable building materials have been around for a long time and are well established. Until recently, expansion was impeded by a lack of knowledge and comprehension, but this is changing.

What’s behind the change?

End customers are increasingly looking for materials that are good for them, their homes, and the environment. This is where goods like Thermafleece British Sheep's wool insulation shine. Thermafleece is the only large-scale natural fiber insulation created in the UK, and it is derived from British wool.

thermafleece sheeps wool insulation

What makes British wool so good for insulation?

Thermafleece is made from the wool of sheep raised on Britain's hills, fells, and mountains. To flourish in this harsh environment, the sheep must be tough, which necessitates coarse, dense wool fleeces. Because their wool is excessively coarse, it is unsuitable for clothing. It's also too dark to dye, which means it can't be utilized in carpets. It is, nevertheless, great for insulation, giving your home with resilience and warmth even in the roughest of conditions.

Where does the wool come from?

Thermafleece is a product of the Cumbrian Lake District. In Yorkshire, the wool destined for Thermafleece is washed and cleaned. It is then transported 5 miles down the road where it is converted into insulation.

Yorkshire is the home of the wool industry, therefore it's only natural that Thermafleece would be made there. Because insulation is a substantial substance, the closer it is created to its final destination, the less influence it has on the environment. That is why it is critical to support local manufacturing. All of this contributes to Thermafleece's environmental friendliness.

What can sheep’s wool do?

Wool from sheep is one of nature's most technical and adaptable fibers. The threads contain air, and the thousands of small scales on each strand generate a large surface area. This traps considerably more air. When these variables are combined, Thermafleece is extremely effective at reducing heat loss. In fact, using Thermafleece CosyWool to insulate your loft is equivalent to having a 75 Tog duvet in your attic.
wool insulation

Thermafleece, on the other hand, does more than just keep heat in. It absorbs sound well, is very breathable, enhances indoor air quality, and is itch-free, making it easy to work with. All of this contributes to it being healthy for you and your house.

Sheep's wool is extremely breathable. This enables it to balance its moisture content with the humidity of the surrounding air. Breathability aids in the creation of a more stable humidity balance. This is significant because keeping humidity levels below the levels at which decay, wood worm, and dust mites grow preserves the building fabric and interior air quality.

Other ways in which Thermafleece contributes to optimum indoor air quality It produces extremely low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs can be extremely harmful to your health, causing allergic reactions and activating illnesses like asthma, among other things. That is why it is critical to use products with extremely low VOC levels, but wool does even more. It can also absorb and neutralize hazardous indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde.

Natural fiber insulation's acoustic qualities are frequently underestimated due to its irregular surface, shape, and density. Sound-cancelling fibers, such as sheep's wool, are extremely effective. That is one of the reasons why Thermafleece can match the acoustic performance of the top mineral fiber products.

How is it fire safe?

The reaction of materials to fire is becoming an increasingly essential topic. Sheep's wool has a high ignition temperature and chars when exposed to fire. To enhance these natural properties, Thermafleece wool is also treated with a low dose of borax to ensure our insulation is fire resistant. For smoulder resistance and flammability, all Thermafleece products pass British Standard tests.

Thermafleece is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and densities to suit all appropriate end-uses. It is critical that end users can easily purchase Thermafleece to meet their specific demands. That is why we are thrilled to have as a prominent distributor for our whole product line.

It's simple to see why sheep's wool insulation is becoming more popular. A surprising number of people and places are already reaping the benefits of Thermafleece. Furthermore, for an insulator that benefits your health, house, and the environment, Thermafleece is surprisingly affordable. It's no surprise that natural fiber insulation was the fastest growing type of insulation in 2019.

Natural Insulation Can Help You Protect The Environment While Also Insulating Your Property

Natural insulation is the most environmentally friendly way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. In the first place, eco-friendly insulation is typically made with less energy, lowering its carbon footprint even further.

While environmentally friendly insulation is more typically found in new construction, it may be used on any structure and installed after the fact. Most eco-friendly insulations are also fire-resistant, so they can also help to slow the spread of a house fire.

therma fleece cosywool

Treated sheep's wool, for example, which is excellent at insulating, and recycled plastic bottles that have been reworked into rolls of insulation are among the most popular forms of environmentally friendly insulation. Both types of insulation are excellent thermal insulators, with sheep's wool also serving as acoustic insulation.

The SupaLoft Insulation Quilt is composed of 90% recycled plastic bottles that are woven together into a roll-out quilt shape. It is resistant to vermin, insects, and mildew growth and available in several thicknesses.

Thermafleece CosyWool is a wonderful sheep's wool insulation that can reduce sound levels by up to 40 decibels. The impact of product transportation is minimized since the product is firmly packaged for delivery!
 thermafleece sheeps wool insulation

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