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Dry Lining Accessories

Dry Lining Accessories are essential components used in the construction industry for the installation and finishing of dry lining systems. These accessories include a wide range of products such as metal profiles, plasterboard fixings, jointing tapes, corner beads, and insulation fixings. Metal profiles, such as stud and track systems, are used to create the framework for dry lining walls and ceilings. Plasterboard fixings, such as screws and nails, are used to secure plasterboard sheets to the metal framework. Jointing tapes are used to reinforce and hide the joints between plasterboard sheets. Corner beads are used to protect and reinforce the corners of walls and ceilings. Insulation fixings are used to attach insulation boards to the metal framework. Dry Lining Accessories are crucial for achieving a professional and durable finish in dry lining projects.